Kunga Yoga

The Yoga of Joyful service to our Highest Potential


I decided to add this section to the website in order to tell a story about how Kunga Yoga came to be, what inspired the practice, and where it came from. 

I believe stories are an important aspect of human nature, it is how we have passed along knowledge long before written word came to be.  Stories and convey information in a deep way that cannot easily be communicated otherwise.

I broke this story up into three chapters, a story of my beginnings in Martial arts, a story of my beginnings in Meditation, and the detailed Yoga story is still in the works.

In order to read any of these sections just hover the mouse over the 'Story' tab then click on the sub tab of your choice.

I hope you enjoy.  Please feel free to send me any feedback you may have.




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