Kunga Yoga

The Yoga of Joyful service to our Highest Potential

 Evening Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Flow through more challenging yoga sequences to deepen your asana practice. Tone and energize your mind, body and spirit.

Noon Hour Flow Yoga

This is a one hour, open level yoga flow class intended to tone, stretch and re-energize the whole body, relax and recharge the mind, and invigorate the spirit.

Hatha Yoga Basics (Foundations)

This is a gentle yoga class emphasizing mindful movement and stretching, breath awareness and relaxation.  We will learn yoga principles of movement and alignment as well as practicing techniques to reduce stress and increase energy and balance health and weight.

Hatha Meditation

Hatha means Sun and Moon, which represents the Yin/Yang energies within us. Learn how to harmonize these energies through the practice of meditation. We will also reflect on the words of ancient masters, to deepen our understanding of our true nature.

Evening Yoga Flow

This is a class open to practitioners of all levels and styles. Open your body, deepen your breath, tone, restore and renew yourself, in this flowing yoga session.(if this is your first yoga class, please arrive 15 min. early)

Bolsters and Needles

 In addition to the practice of yoga poses, the traditional Indian Ayurvedic masters also practiced a form of acupuncture to stimulate the proper flow of prana throughout the body.

This workshop offers you the opportunity to bring balance back to your nervous system and subtle body, and will promote the healing of emotional and physical traumas. We will work to balance and treat the chakra energies through the combined practices of restorative yoga and acupuncture.

Community Yoga

This is a class focused on providing the Community with an affordable yoga class (by donation) which does not require a reservation (drop-in).  It is open to all levels of practitioners. 

Restorative yoga

A gentle form of yoga aimed at restoring the bodies energies using a series of slow relaxing poses and stretches, along with breathing exercises. Props such as bolsters and blankets are also used to passively allow the body to open and release.  It is deeply nourishing to the bodily organs.

Meditation Basics

In this basic course on Meditation we will be discussing the importance of proper posture, common obstacles to beginning a meditation practice, how to meditate at home, and some useful tools you will need to do so.

We will also be discussing the purpose and benefits of meditation and how to know when you are practicing properly and making progress. We will spend time each class doing a short meditation, then checking in about our practice and bringing up any questions that we may have.

Meditation in Action

Learn ways to bring the practice of meditation into your everyday life.  Discover strategies to bring more awareness, presence and joy into every aspect of your life.  We will also be covering some more points to help with your seated practice.

Personal Instruction

Adapt a yoga or meditation practice that is tailored to your unique mind and disposition. Learn techniques to kick start your meditation or yoga practice. Sessions can be taught on-site or at your home.

Therapeutic Yoga

This is a gentle yoga class designed for people with physical issues that may prevent them from coming to a regular yoga class.  Many variations of poses are provided to allow anyone to experience the benefits of the yoga postures regardless of ones physical limitations.  

50+ beginners yoga

This is a gentle and fun yoga class for people over 50.  These classes are one hour in length and aim to loosen the body and joints, strengthen and tone the muscles lightly and uplift the spirit. 

Seniors intermediate yoga

This is a gentle and fun class for people over 50.  It is an hour and fifteen minutes in length and takes students deeper into their yoga poses, with longer holds and slightly more challenging asanas and sequences.  This class is still light, fun and uplifting, though more difficult than the beginners class.  Some current yoga experience and physical ability is required. 


In this class we explore various chants from India, Tibet and more.  We start with light body warm ups and breathing exercises, followed by vocal instruction then singing and chanting.  Sometimes instruments are also used.

Laughter yoga

Hasya yoga is the yoga of laughter. Explore the healing benefits of laughter in this fun and uplifting class.  Use laughter to change old negative patterns of the mind and bring more joy into your life. 

Hot Meditation

 In this class we meditate in a heated room to help the body and mind to relax and absorb the healing warmth.  We take time to calm our minds and find our center to reconnect with our deeper self.  We also do some warm-ups and light yoga.

Non-Violent Self Defense and Shaolin Yoga

Learn tips, tricks and techniques to stay safe, and defend yourself with confidence, while also loosening and toning the body through traditional and modern training methods.


  • ""I had about 5 staff and faculty members reach out to me int the past week with praise about you and your classes. They absolutely love your classes...."
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