Kunga Yoga

The Yoga of Joyful service to our Highest Potential

Kunga means Essence of Joy and Service of Spirit

At Kunga Yoga, we emphasize a holistic approach to health and wellness. 

Our highest potential can only be realized through nurturing all the different aspects of our being. 

Our universal and accessible techniques of yoga and meditation, aim to empower people to go beyond their current obstacles and limitations; to find a deep inner peace, and strength, where healing, growth, and happiness, can bloom.

226-791-4595    kungayogi@hotmail.com


Yoga Classes at Fiddleheads

NEW STUDENT SPECIAL-Try a class for $5 or get 50% off of your first 20 pass card.  That's just over 5 dollars per class.


Classes open to the Community at Fiddleheads.

Tuesday 10-11 am             Late Morning Flow Yoga (Open level 1)

Wednesday 6pm-6:50pm    Meditation (ended for summer Apr 27)

Wednesday 7-8pm    Evening Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Open level 1-2)

More classes and workshops ongoing and upcoming.


Family and Personal Instruction also available as well as corporate meditation and yoga workshops, classes and seminars.


All classes are cancelled on major holidays or major, unsafe weather conditions, causing serious closures or cancellations. 

Please call 226 791 4595 if you are uncertain if classes will be running.  Otherwise classes are always on and you are welcome to drop in.  New students please contact us before your first visit whenever possible, and show up early to fill out our form.


kungayogi at hotmail dot com


Yin Yang and White Crane

Saturday May 13th from 3-5pm

Join us at Moksha Yoga Waterloo for this Summer Fun workshop.  We will be practicing elementally inspired Yin and Yang yoga, Qi-gong, Crane exercises and more.

$35 all inclusive.

Students, and Ambassadors may attend for the discounted price of $25 with ID

We accept cash or cheque, paypal, or E-transfer.  

There will be a door prizes and a raffle for a hand made ergonomic meditation bench.

Refreshments provided.  

Space is limited.  Please reserve.


226 791-4595

Acu-Restorative YogaWorkshop

May 5th 6:30-8:30pm

Cost- $35

This workshop offers you the opportunity to bring balance back to your body, and promote the healing of emotional and physical traumas. We work to balance and treat the bodies energies through the combined practices of restorative yoga and acupuncture.  We will also be benefiting from color and Aromatherapy.  We have delicious and healthy vegan snacks for after your treatment.   


This workshop is offered regularly.  Contact us to reserve your spot. 226-791-4595  (call or text) or thehealingroots@gmail.com

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation have for thousands of years been helping people to reduce stress, increase  energy levels, and create balance in their lives.  And these are really just the side effects of these profound practices. 

These ancient and sacred paths offer us the opportunity for awakening to our highest potential of health, wellness and wisdom.  

There are many styles of yoga and meditation developed for different people and their unique dispositions. 

Check out the "Class Descriptions" tab on the right to see if any classes we offer appeal to you.

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  • ""I had about 5 staff and faculty members reach out to me int the past week with praise about you and your classes. They absolutely love your classes...."
    Jenn O
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